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General information about us
NewMetalBands is, as the name suggest, focused on newly emerging metal bands - rather than long established ones which people are already familiar with. In many cases, while we are busy adding content, preference will be given to bands based in the Midlands or who have played at local festivals like HopFest OR played in competitions like Metal 2 The Masses

We aim to have indexed all new UK bands formed in 2019 by the end of November, we will then begin work on UK bands formed in 2018 and bands from overseas formed in 2019.

However - if you are a Heavy Metal Band that want indexing sooner rather than later, just complete the submission form and we will get you sorted.

In many cases, these new bands are already well established, playing at the likes, of Download, Metal 2 The Masses, Bloodstock, HopFest, Hammerstock and many of the smaller gigs too. However as they are newer bands, they are typically more affordable to book - and more flexible with their times.

Once we have added most of the new bands, we will start to add the "not so new" older bands to the index too - though still aiming to keep the list about bands which are presently bookable or at least still playing live events.

Bands playing Bloodstock 2020, HopFest and other significant Metal festivals in the UK will also be indexed regardless of how long they have been established.

There is currently no intention of adding split-up / defunct bands - no matter how awesome. This is about NEWER bands that people can still book. In many cases, the newer bands listed are both energetic and affordable.

This site is designed to be fast and simple for anyone to use on any device. Searching does NOT require PHP, java or any other software to run, it is simply a list which you can search alphabetically.

Enhanced search options will be enabled once we have added and indexed the first few hundred bands.

Graphics are kept to a minimum and there is no need to enable cookies or give us consent to do anything - we collect NO data from you at all. Simples.

If you run a metal band and would like a free listing, please visit this page here and fill it in with the information requested. Most of the form is optional, only things like "Band Name", "Logo" and "Contact Details" are required - after all if there is no ability for you to be booked, there is no point in being indexed by us.

Know anyone that has a fantastic sound but is struggling to find the right name for their band - you could try this link and it will generate randon names for you. Some are amazing - my selection included Carnal Shadow, Steel Demon, Vehement Laceration and Pestilential Age.

Thanks for being awesome.