A Forest Of Stars

A Forest Of Stars

Psychedelic Black Metal
Band members:
Katheryne,  Queen of the Ghosts, Vocals, Violin, Flute (2007-present)

Mr. John "The Resurrectionist" Bishop, Drums, Percussion (2009-present)

Mister Curse, Vocals (2007-present)

The Gentleman, Drums (2007-2008), Keyboards, Pianoforte, Percussion (2007-present)

Mr. Titus Lungbutter, Bass (2011-present)

Mr William Wight-Barrow, Guitars (2014-present)

Mr. T.S. Kettleburner, Bass (2007-2011), Vocals, Guitars (2007-2011, 2013-present)
"The year is 1896. The members of the Gentleman's Club of A Forest Of Stars, an exclusive brotherhood of English Victorians, consider themselves to be exponents of their glorious and pompous - at times decadent - era, characterized by extreme opposites."

"A Forest Of Stars channel the experiences gained from their numerous meetings hazed by opium and absinthe, occult rites and séances in the form of a previously unheard-of ghostly and hypnotic music, filled with the spirit of the glorious Victorian Age. A harrowing testimony of their many spiritual and sensual excesses."

Agent / Promoter
Prophecy Productions
Year / Month Formed
Country Of Origin
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