A Pale Horse Named Death

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A Pale Horse Name Death

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Metal / Doom / Hard Rock / Gothic / Alternaternative
Band Members:
Sal Abruscato - Lead Vocals / Guitars
Eddie Heedles - Guitars
Eric Morgan - Bass
Joe Taylor - Guitars
Johnny Kelly - Drums
Former Members:
Bobby Hambel - Guitar
Matt Brown - Guitar / Producer / Engineer
Tommy Spano - Drums
Dave Bizzigotti
Metal2TheMasses regional winners
Bloodstock 2019 - Hobgoblin New Blood Stage
Beauty often blossoms at the root of darkness. A Pale Horse Named Death siphon strangely blissful melodies from apocalyptic heavy metal awash in swells of cavernous gothic keys and grunge songcraft.

The New York quintet, Sal Abruscato (vocals, guitar), Eddie Heedles (guitar), Joe Taylor (guitar), Eric Morgan (bass), and Johnny Kelly (drums)—continue to excavate vulnerability from venom on their anxiously awaited third full-length album and first for SPV/Long Branch Records, When The World Becomes Undone.

A delicate dichotomy drives the avowed and acclaimed “Brooklyn Lords of Doom.”

Record Label / Agent
Year / Month Formed
January 2009
Country Of Origin
Area / County
Brookly, NY

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