Alter the Sky

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Alter the Sky

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Metal / Hard Rock
Band Members:
Hels Johnson - Vocals
Kev Baker - Guitars
Gal Herrington - Guitars
Matt Scott - Bass
Alter the Sky are a 5 piece, female fronted rock band from Cambridge with catchy riffs, heavy beats and hard hitting vocals.

 Alter the Sky are a 5 piece hard classic rock band from the Cambridgeshire area. Each band member enjoys escaping from their day jobs each evening and weekend to follow their true passion, writing and performing rock music.

The band formed in June 2015, have undergone many line-up changes, which has proved to be a time consuming process alongside maintaining day jobs, family life and other commitments searching for likeminded musicians.

All of AtS’ members have played on the local gig circuits previously in bands such as Federal Black 40, Inannicus Theory and Friction and have many years’ experience between them in playing live shows.

The band set out as a covers band but deep down the majority of the members had a passion for writing their own music, this however, brought along the first line up change as their vocalist at the time could not see himself playing in a band that played original material. The most current line-up has been together since May 2017.

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