As I Lay Dying

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As I Lay Dying

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Metal / Heavy Metal / Hardcore / Punk / Rock
Band Members:
Tim Lambesis - vocals
Nick Hipa - guitars
Phil Sgrosso - guitars
Josh Gilbert - bass guitar & vocals
Jordan Mancino – drums
Flames fuel rebirth. In the wake of the conflagration, future possibilities flourish out of the ashes.

Reigniting a brotherhood dating back nearly two decades, As I Lay Dying rise together on their seventh full-length and debut for Nuclear Blast, the aptly titled Shaped By Fire. The San Diego quintet—Tim Lambesis [vocals], Jordan Mancino [drums], Phil Sgrosso [guitar], Nick Hipa [guitar], and Josh Gilbert [bass]—rally together and recharge the precise and pummeling metallic assault that transformed them into a turn-of-the-century heavy music phenomenon.

These eleven tracks mark their first body of work together since 2012 and represent the dawn of a bold new era.
“For me, this is the most meaningful As I Lay Dying record,” states Nick.

“Every album encapsulates who you are and what you’ve gone through. At this point in time, we’ve gone through more than I ever imagined, but we all grew. I’m so proud of my bandmates and what we’ve done.

We became better musicians and better people. People will hear a positive resolve to our journey so far.”

Record Label / Agent
Nuclear Blast Records
Year / Month Formed
January 2001
Country Of Origin
Area / County
San Diego

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