Dark Tranquility

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Dark Tranquillity

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Metal / Death Metal / Melodic
Band Members:
Mikael Stanne – vocals (1994–present)
Niklas Sundin – lead guitar (2016–present)
Anders Jivarp – drums (1989–present)
Anders Iwers – bass (2015–present)
Martin Brändström – keyboards, programming (1999–present)
Former Members:
Martin Henriksson – bass & rhythm guitar
Anders Fridén – vocals
Fredrik Johansson – guitars
Mikael Niklasson – bass
Daniel Antonsson – bass
Bloodstock 2020 - Ronnie James Dio Stage
Dark Tranquility is a well renowned six-piece Swedish melodic death metal band that was all the rage in the early 1990s. The Gothenburg based band is considered as one of the first acts and popularizers of the Swedish metal scene, alongside other fellow Gothenburg bands such as At the Gates and In Flames.

Their music has not only stolen the hearts of many heavy music fans but also defined the genre like no other death metal group.

Record Label / Agent
Century Media
Year / Month Formed
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