Dishonour The Crown

Dishonour The Crown, new metal bands, heavy metal, thrash metal, logo

Dishonour The Crown

Dishonour The Crown, new metal bands, band photo, death metal, heavy metal, hardcore
Thrash / Death Metal / Hardcore
Band members:
Tom 'Kingsize' Hennessy - Vocals
Ron D - Guitars
Lew Berl - Guitars
Craig Daws - Bass
Gareth Arlett - Drums
Played HopFest 2019 on the Faye Stage
Formed in 2012 by Ron D (Romeo Must Die/The Hyde Project) and Tom 'Kingsize' Hennessy (Kingsize Blues/Kill for Company) Dishonour The Crown quickly appeared onto the UK Metal/Hardcore scene with the DIY recorded and self released 6 track EP 'Gone to the Dogs' followed by a video for the title track.

In the space of 6 months DTC evolved from two individuals creating music inspired by a Cuntry full of vexed people, to a band booking shows around the UK, devastating the stages with their infusion of Hardcore, Thrash, Death and Grind.

Agent / Promoter
Year / Month Formed
Country Of Origin
Area / County
London, South West

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