Evil Scarecrow

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Evil Scarecrow

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Metal / Heavy Metal
Band Members:
Dr. Rabid Hell - Vocals, Guitars
Brother Dimitri Pain - Guitars
Kraven Morrdeth - Bass
Princess Luxury - Keyboards
Ringmaster Monty Blitzfist - Drums
Played Bloodstock 2019 (Ronnie James Dio Stage)
“It’s well thought-out and delivered metal … and frighteningly hilarious crowd interaction – creating a chaotic mix that sees Evil Scarecrow win many hearts and become perfect main stage openers.”
Planet Loud

“This quintet command the big stage surprisingly well, suppressing all the apprehensions I had … Despite my usual hangover, I walked away from their set with an amused grin.”
Metal Team UK

“Evil Scarecrow is the only unsigned band appearing on the main stage and they certainly earn the crowd’s respect by putting on a very decent show. Fans have clearly turned up and know all the moves and lyrics by heart.”
Subba Cultcha

Record Label / Agent
Unsigned / Independent
Year / Month Formed
August 2002
Country Of Origin
Area / County

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