Fear Bound

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Fear Bound

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Band Members:
Alex Wight - Vocalist/Bass
Will Smythe - Guitarist
Andy Coles - Guitarist
Craig Burkitt - Keyboards
Alex Townsend - Drums
Played Bloodstock
"It’s hard to go wrong with some more melodic death metal. Fear Bound play melodeath in its purest form on Seize the Day, with intricate melodies that consistently inspire over the course of the album. With an emphasis on anthemic riffs that hail back towards the golden age of the genre, there’s much to love on each song. It’s catchy with just the right amount of aggression behind it, and just a tinge of modern feel (enough so that it doesn’t sound dated). Guitarwork is king, and the solos shred (see “Black Pyre”) – there’s really not much more you could ask for in an album like this one." - Kyle McGinn

Record Label / Agent
Unsigned / Independent
Year / Month Formed
September 2011
Country Of Origin
Area / County

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