Lullaby For A Unicorn

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Lullaby For A Unicorn

Lullaby For A Unicorn, band photo, wales, metal, mental, mad, asylum
Metal / Metal Metal

...and of course, "Turbo Metal Unicorn Sexy Horn Time"
 Let Google deal with that one.
Band Members:
Justin - Vocals
Gaz - Drums
Baxter - Bass
Dan - Guitar
It all started with some rum...

Lullaby for a Unicorn, a four piece metal band from North Wales. Putting the "fun" and me(n)tal back into Fundamentally Ludicrous with crushing riffs, the brown note, lazers, glitter, fire, explosions, flashing shoes, capes ...and a seagull on LSD.*

* There might not be any of these things at a show.

The time for getting shitfaced on Rum and spraying large boobs with glitter has begun.

A bubble machine, crazy lasers and smoke, confetti cannons, party poppers, light up shoes... made for a spectacularly hallucinogenic experience!
 - Ever Metal

Played M2TM through to finals

Record Label / Agent
Year / Month Formed
August 2017
Country Of Origin
Area / County
An asylum in North Wales ?

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