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Metal / Black Metal / Black / Death / Contemporary Black Metal
Band Members:
Naut - Vocals, Guitar
Carcarrion - Guitar
Anchorite - Bass Guitar
Slugh - Drums
Necronaut (noun); derived from the Greek words nekros, meaning "corpse" or "dead", and nautes, meaning "explorer". The word refers to a person who experiments with near-death experience in order to explore the underworld.

Necronautical (adj); of or pertaining to Necronautics or Necronauts.

Necronautical (band); A cluster of musicians using the medium of extreme blackened metal to explore the greater questions of life, death & beyond.

Necronautical have quickly gained a reputation as one of the UK's most promising new black metal acts in the five short years since their creation.

Founding members Naut, Carcarrion and Anchorite recorded, produced and released their debut album, 2014's Black Sea Misanthropy and grabbed the attention of Cacophonous Records.

The record company signed the band for their second album, The Endurance at Night, released in 2016, which garnered them critical acclaim and saw them featured in Metal Hammer, amongst other worldwide publications.

Record Label / Agents
Candlelight Records Spinefarm Records
Year / Month Formed
Country Of Origin
Area / County
North West

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