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Metal / Heavy Metal / Thrash Metal / Speed Metal / Power
Band Members:
Jamie Thorne - Bass, Vocals
Davide Marini - Drums
Ferenc Collins - Guitars
James MacKenzie - Guitars (lead)

Past Members:
Neil Wiseman      Drums
Our story begins one cold All Hallows Eve in April 1987 when fate unites four lost souls from across the kingdom as they each endure their own pilgrimage to the mighty domain of King Lud, where the clan of O'Deon host a ritual at the Smithy of the Hammer where the mightiest warriors of the world come together to test their axes, sacrifice virgins and drink their blood.

This was the moment they finally understood that their destinies would ultimately be bound to form an army of undead immortals that would strike fear into the heart of every living creature in the land. And so it was that two years later in May 1989, the NightLord was born.

Record Label / Agent
Copro Records
Year / Month Formed
May 1989 / Reformed 2010
Country Of Origin
Area / County
Hanworth, London

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