Nine Covens

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Nine Covens

Nine Covens, newmetalbands, band photo, black metal, metal, death, mystic, crowley, stafford glover, barney monger, paul ryan, chris naughton, dan mullins
Metal / Black Metal
Band Members:
Stafford Glover - Bass
Barney Monger - Drums
Paul Ryan - Guitars (lead)
Chris Naughton - Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)  
Dan Mullins - Drums
Featuring current and ex-members of some of the key extreme bands from the last decade, Nine Covens came together to explore the darker, more brooding aspects of Black Metal and in doing so have created a virulent, belligerent and passionate account of the weakness that exists in humanity.

Their need to challenge these human failings and those of all enemies of reason have resulted in their debut album “…On The Coming Of Darkness”.  A confrontation to the eternally weak and all who follow without question to reflect on themselves and consider an alternative.

Agent / Promoter
Candlelight Records
Year / Month Formed
Country Of Origin
Area / County
Diverse (all over the show)

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