Sister Shotgun

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Sister Shotgun

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Metal / Heavy Metal
Band Members:
Chloe Ozwell - Vocals
Benji Tatlock - Guitar
Niall Wills - Guitar
Tim Chambers - Bass
Dave Harvey - Drums
Sister Shotgun are a Rock band based in the West Midlands UK. They create a furious yet catchy mixture of hard rock and metal with a stage show to match. They pride themselves on creating stadium sounding choruses with aggressive melodic guitar hooks and charismatic performances.

"Unique style & stage show to match" - BritRockArmy

"Tight & Rock steady" - Alex Baker - Kerrang!

"Sister Shotgun, from the West Midlands, are causing a stir with their own blend of riff heavy metal and rock, and are ready to rip your face off!" - Sound Scape Magazine

"I was totally awestruck by these guys, totally amazing to watch with songs packed full of energy and melody" - TheMidlandRocks

"If Sister Shotgun continue putting on shows of this quality they’ll continue winning over new fans, and long may their upward journey continue" - TheMidlandRocks

Record Label / Agent
Pavement Entertainment
Year / Month Formed
February 2011
Country Of Origin
Area / County
West Midlands

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