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Metal / Heavy Metal / Power Metal / Folk Power Metal / Celtic
Band Members:
Emilio Souto - Guitar & Vocals
Ignacio Lopez - Bass
Matias Pena - Drums
Pereg Ar Bagol - Bagpipes
Martin Mc Manus - Vocals

Previous Members:
Fernando Marty - Bass (2004-2011)
Juan José Fornés - Guitars (2006-2011)
Diego Spinelli - Tin whistle, Irish flute, Piccolo (2006-2008)
Esteban D'antona - Viola (2006-2007)
Diego Valdez - Vocals (2006-2011)
Pablo Allen - Bagpipes (2006-2011), Tin whistle (2008-2011)
Although a band create date of 2004 is given, in fact the originas of this banddate back to 1997 when a four-member band was formed by the name of Century by Emilio and Matias.

Over time, Century lost its impetus when both Emilio and Matias joined Feanor. Shortly after joining, it was effectively mothballed.

2004 however saw the revival of the band and a new name for a new beginning was chosen - Skiltron.

The band's name is derived from the term schiltron, loosely defined as "A schiltron (also spelled sheltron, sceld-trome, schiltrom, or shiltron) is a compact body of troops forming a battle array, shield wall or phalanx. The term is most often associated with Scottish pike formations during the Wars of Scottish Independence in the late 13th and early 14th centuries."  

In the First War of Scottish Independence, the Battle of Bannockburn was won by the Scottish using an offensive variation of this military battle formation. The significance being that until this time, the schiltron was traditionally a defensive - and not an agressive - formation.

Record Label / Agent
Trollzorn Records
Year / Month Formed
Country Of Origin
Area / County
Buenos Aires
Booking Agent

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