Swallow The Sun

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Swallow The Sun

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Metal / Death / Doom
Band Members:
Mikko Kotamäki - vocals
Juha Raivio - guitars
Juho Räihä - guitars
Jaani Peuhu - keyboards, vocals
Matti Honkonen - bass
Juuso Raatikainen - drums
2007 Femma-gaala Nisse M. Honorary Award
Swallow the Sun, Biography 2015, By Chris Dick

When Juha Raivio and Pasi Pasanen formed Swallow the Sun in the quaint city of Jyväskylä before the turn of the millenium, the duo’s ambition was no wider than writing a few tunes in the vein of their heroes, My Dying Bride.

Between 2000 and 2003, Swallow the Sun honed their doom-inspired songwriting skills and welcomed, with dark menace, gradations of death, black, and funeral doom—a Finnish pastime, actually—to round out the sonic scope. Like their chief influence, by the time the ultra-limited demo Out of This Gloomy Light hit label desks in 2003, Swallow the Sun defied easy categorization.

Record Label / Agents
Firebox Records
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