The Infernal Sea
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The Infernal Sea

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Metal / Black Metal / Black / Death / Contemporary Black Metal
Band Members:
Jonathan Egmore - Guitars
Dean Lettice - Vocals
James Burke - Drums
Chris Revett - Bass  
Played Bloodstock 2017
The Infernal Sea have something that's all their own. Their obvious technical proficiency is streamlined into a razor sharp aural assault, and their presence as a live entity is equally foreboding and sinister.

Bringing Black Metal from the Fenlands of East Anglia, UK. Terrifying, captivating black metal wrenched from the bleak, flat nothingness that makes up much of the surrounding area native to The Infernal Sea in the East of England.

TIS draw influences from the founding fathers of Black Metal while firmly imprinting their own unique plague-ridden UKBM stamp.

Record Label / Agents
Cacophonous Records
Apocalyptic Witchcraft
Year / Month Formed
Country Of Origin
Area / County

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