Total Consumption

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Total Consumption

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Metal / Heavy Metal / Death Metal / Grindcore
Band Members:
Debs - Throat / Noise
Matteus - Strings / Throat
Shawn - Sticks / Skins
Honourary Members:
Kyle - Chauffeur (2018)
Grindworm - Worm movements
Queef - Brain squid
We are a London based grindcore / death metal 3 piece with a slight obsession with chocolate spread and everything else odd and disgusting!

We made our live debut at Red Roar Festival 2016, since then we have gone forward to burst on to the UK live scene and support many amazing bands including the legendary brutal death metal titans themselves Suffocation as well as death shred legends Origin, with plenty more to come!

"Like a cabaret show that escaped from the circles of Dante's inferno..."

Award:- Dome of the Decade (2010-2020) - Matteus

Record Label / Agent
Unsigned / Independent
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