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Metal / Black Metal / Black / Death / Extreme Metal, Heavy Metal
Band Members:
Andras - Drums (2005-present)
Xysor - Guitars (2005-2018), Vocals (2005-present)
Wraith - Guitars, Vocals (backing) (2009-present)
Ohtar - Bass, Vocals (backing) (2016-present)
Tarn - Guitars (2018-present)
"Brighton's Vehement are good friends and many time touring partners of ours. Musically they have this distinct amalgam of driving percussion, creative guitar playing and multi-faceted vocal delivery that ends up sounding somewhere between the unlikely bedfellows of Urfaust, Rotting Christ and Dimmu Borgir.

"As well as having a really creative approach to songwriting, these guys also have three great vocalists in their ranks, used to great effect. Check out Tidal Verse from their recent album Ashes." - Loudersound

"After catching Vehement once before and being blown away by their previous set at the Black Heart, they are a welcome addition to tonight’s bill. Right from the outset, the quartet barge onward with a grim sounding array of Black Metal sensibilities." - MetalRules

Record Label / Agent
Infernum Records
Year / Month Formed
Country Of Origin
Area / County
Brighton / Eastbourne

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