Wolves Don't Sleep

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Wolves Don't Sleep

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Metal / Heavy Metal / Hard
Band Members:
Vocals- Steev
Guitar/Vocals - Chayce
Guitar - Dan
Bass-Dan Bingley
Drums- Connor
Metal is changing in the modern age and hard hitting metal bands from Nottingham, Wolves Donít Sleep are an excellent example of this.

Uncompromising and unstoppable through years of playing with every form of sub genre metal has to offer and always being able to stand out from the crowd and offer an unforgettable experience live or on record.

With a sound that incorporates aspects of many genres, Wolves are not a band that can be easily pigeonholed.

This pushes the band further to never give up through their actions and the lyrical context of the songs themselves Wolves offer a raw look into the people who make up the band and their experiences along with explosive and emotional live shows.

They are the Wolves knocking at your door.

Record Label / Agent
Unsigned / Independent
Year / Month Formed
August 2015
Country Of Origin
Area / County

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